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Gain confidenceIndependent Verification and Validation

Gain confidence with independent oversight of critical system upgrades and implementations

The BerryDunn team’s targeted experience helps state lotteries and gaming organizations to thrive in the face of strict regulations, emerging risks, and ever-evolving technology. Coupled with our proven expertise in regulation, our team also offers in-depth Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) support—providing clients with the insights and informed recommendations necessary to navigate critical system changes and implementations with confidence. 

Our team’s IV&V consulting can help you: 

Ensure compliance. With new vendors, new contracts, upgraded systems and the threat of ever-evolving risks, monitoring and maintaining cross-enterprise compliance is vitally important. Our team has the skills necessary to maintain compliance, avoid sanctions, and mitigate risk. 

Support user trust and confidence. Through IV&V, we are able to help provide assurance that gaming systems meet specifications and are fair and secure for all users—all while monitoring potential risks and issues that could interfere with safe, secure operation.

Evaluate and select best-in-class solutions. We are independent of lottery vendors and do not endorse or favor major lottery system providers in our work.

Arrive at collaborative solutions with full stakeholder support. We work closely with client team members to identify and manage risk, and to ensure on-time system implementation. We then test for system technology for quality and functionality and maintain ongoing communication to ensure enterprise-wide adoption.  

Objectively assess deliverables, testing, and risk mitigation strategies. When we review vendor deliverables, oversee testing activities, and recommend strategies to mitigate known risks and issues, we do so with fresh eyes and no agenda beyond completing a clear, objective, high-quality assessment. 

Game on. If you would like more information about our specialized gaming and lottery services, please contact the team.

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