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BerryDunn to Provide
Education Services for Home Health and Hospice Agencies


Designed to help agencies improve patient outcomes

BerryDunn is pleased to announce the launch of education services for home health and hospice agency nurses accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Using results from their research projects, BerryDunn will focus on delivering evidence-based courses designed to help agencies retain staff while improving patient quality and satisfaction outcomes.

The ANCC credentials organizations and individuals who advance nursing. This accreditation is a voluntary peer review process intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of continuing nursing education. Accrediting organizations, like ANCC, assess providers of nursing education courses to ensure they meet rigorous global standards.

"As a partner to healthcare providers, we know that agencies are required to do more with less, and need solutions that are proven to work. By providing our partners with high caliber education to meet nursing certification or licensure requirements, we are helping to contribute to the overall improvement of patient care and outcomes,” said Tammy Brunetti, leader of BerryDunn’s Healthcare Practice Group.

The rollout of courses will focus on quality, not quantity, with each program going through efficacy testing prior to release. Courses will follow ANCC accreditation guidelines, and will meet comprehensive, evidenced-based criteria to help ensure Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) activities are effectively planned, implemented, and evaluated.

This effort, led by BerryDunn’s home health and hospice team, supports the firm’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of continuing education to internal staff and clients. Renee Bishop, COO of BerryDunn’s Assurance, Tax, and Advisory Services shared, "We are proud to have been recognized by ANCC for our high-quality continuing education for nurses who provide life-changing care.”

Information about BerryDunn’s home health and hospice team can be found on the firm’s website at

About BerryDunn’s Home Health and Hospice Team   
BerryDunn’s home health and hospice team is comprised of respected industry leaders and professionals who have dedicated their careers to advancing patient care and navigating core challenges. We partner with clients on a variety of financial, outsourced, and consulting services. 

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