Our specialized professionals help city, town, and county leaders across the United States streamline operations.

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We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations with broad expertise, independent perspective, and proven results.

Running a sound local government is challenging and sometimes requires more resources and expertise than are available.

Your local government provides a variety of vital services that affect citizens every day. But with significant resource constraints and a growing need for transparency, it is challenging to balance meeting today’s demands while planning for tomorrow’s opportunities.

If your city, town, county, or school district is looking to:

  • Streamline business processes and operations
  • Plan for the effective use of technology
  • Enhance transparency and citizen engagement
  • Manage system procurements and implementations

We can help.

As trusted, independent advisors to local governments across the United States, BerryDunn has assisted clients with:

  • Setting goals and creating a detailed roadmap to achieve them
  • Enhancing efficiency, accountability, transparency, and security
  • Making informed modernization decisions based on today’s marketplace
  • Remaining compliant with state and federal regulations
  • Identifying and mitigating risks before they become issues

Why BerryDunn?

Our Local Government Practice Area works across a wide range of functional areas, including:

  • Community Development and Utility Operations
  • Finance and Administration
  • Health and Community Services
  • K-12 Education
  • Technology Management

"BerryDunn’s staff was professional and thorough. The team members' backgrounds in the software and government industries made their knowledge valuable and relevant. Both projects were a success as they were completed on time and within budget."
- Gina Jennings, Finance Director, Sussex County, Delaware

Our consultants work with a wide range of departments and agencies within our Local Government practice, for example: