Let Sheena Curtis and the SALT team give you their seasoned advice.

Sheena Curtis, CPA

Knowledge—worth its weight in SALT.

Understand tax law and legislative changes to maximize your positions.

Know your risks — and tax saving rewards

Budget shortfalls have made states more aggressive in extracting revenue from any source they can find, using taxes as one way to increase revenue. Couple this with rapidly shifting tax laws and regulations, and your business may be facing more state and local tax liabilities than ever before.

BerryDunn SALT advisors help you gain control in a shifting landscape of State and Local Tax laws. We stay ahead of the curve on SALT rulings and changes, help our clients address or avoid exposure, and identify cost saving opportunities.

As the largest firm in northern New England—with clients sprinkled across the United States—we possess the experience and insight to advise our clients who do business across state borders. Our services include:

Credits and Incentives
We work with clients to examine their business activities and identify credit and incentive opportunities at the state and local levels. Exploring them early, particularly prior to engaging in new activities or new locations, can be advantageous and provide great benefits for your business.

Voluntary Disclosure and Audit Defense
We help mitigate the exposure resulting from unfiled and unpaid taxes by utilizing various state voluntary disclosure programs. We assist clients with entering into voluntary disclosure agreements and all aspects of reporting necessary to come into compliance in new states for income and sales and use tax purposes. Our experts can also assist in audits and our experience with state and local taxing authorities allows us to effectively manage your risks and exposure to state and local taxes.

Transaction Planning
Our state and local tax experts can help parties on both sides of a potential transaction. In addition to assisting with the due diligence process, we can assist clients who may be planning a future transaction to identify areas of concern for the potential buyer and recommend solutions.

Nexus Review
The current business environment makes it almost essential to do business across state lines. Our team assists our clients in reviewing the activities that may create nexus and identifying the jurisdictions where nexus applies. From individual state reviews to comprehensive studies, we can help businesses of all sizes better assess and manage state and local tax risk and exposure.

Unclaimed Property
Dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, unredeemed gift cards, and customer credits are among the types of unclaimed property that may be required to be reported to a state. We can help to assess our client’s risk and exposure and assist with compliance efforts to help our clients gain control of their unclaimed property.

Sharing our SALT Knowledge

At conferences, with webinars, or with our own focused programming, we delve deep into issues relevant to companies. We serve up new ways to help you address multi-state tax issues, and help you find tax savings in spite of the complexity.