Get the right tools to leverage your SS-A: BerryDunn's MITA 360° and MITA Management Portal 

BerryDunn MITA 360

MITA SS-A: Gain value beyond compliance

The MITA State Self-Assessment (SS-A) is required in order for states to receive federal funding and, as a result, is often treated as merely a compliance exercise. It is a costly and time-consuming process, so you want to get the most value out of it that you can.

SS-As present a unique opportunity for states to engage in a deliberate strategic planning process using the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) framework. The highest value is realized when states use the SS-A as a springboard for strategic planning, organizational change, and ongoing innovation. The MITA SS-A process helps states to:

  • Establish strategic goals and objectives for the agency organization, program, operations, and supporting technology
  • Build a roadmap for achievement of the strategic plan
  • Provide a business case for federal funding of critical technology initiatives

Use the “360° MITA lifecycle” approach to see ongoing benefits

The MITA framework can help states map their Medicaid enterprise and mature their Medicaid business capabilities through structured change, targeted process improvement, and implementation of supporting technology.

Recognizing the value that the MITA framework brings to the Medicaid enterprise, BerryDunn works with states to implement a 360° approach to the MITA SS-A. We are the only firm that has written state-specific criteria to support the MMIS expedited certification process for a pilot state, which provides the BerryDunn team with a valuable perspective that we can share with other states.

Our unique MITA 360° approach allows states to:

  • Develop a plan to translate strategic goals and objectives into reality
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and a common, shared view of the enterprise
  • Achieve efficient and effective processes that are well socialized across all levels of the organization
  • Maximize value and minimize state costs from compliance efforts
  • Gain interoperability with HIE, HIX, public health agencies, human services programs, and community organizations
  • Assess SS-A maturity, manage strategic efforts, and routinely monitor progress

MITA 360° checklist

  • Does your state view the SS-A as a compliance effort or as a long-term strategic planning tool?
  • Have you completed your MITA 3.0 SS-A?
  • Are you getting the full value from your SS-A?
  • Do you have a strategic plan and know how you will achieve it?

Talk to BerryDunn to learn how our MITA 360° approach can help your state get the most value out of its SS-A efforts.

Get the right tools to leverage your SS-A

At BerryDunn, we have found that having a strategic direction and plan in place can mature a state’s enterprise, but even more so when the plan is clearly articulated and understood by all its stakeholders. For this reason, we have built a communication tool—a customizable MITA Management Portal (MMP)—to aid in the collection, organization, analysis, and communication of your SS-A and roadmap. The MMP is an integrated and comprehensive SS-A lifecycle project toolkit, with reusable artifacts to help you get the most out of your SS-A and ongoing strategic planning efforts.

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