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ACA Complexities

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the defining issue for health benefits plans today.

Now that everything is in place, you'll need to account for and track your group health insurance options and hours worked by employees in new ways.

As frequent guest speakers and authors on the subject, our team is on the leading edge of how the ACA affects your business. The ACA is a complex set of new tax rules and you need to make sure you have the necessary tax knowledge to gain control of the actions you'll need to take.

We can assist you with ACA compliance issues and employer “pay or play” decisions. We provide an independent view of the tax compliance requirements and can work with your other advisors (e.g., insurance agent) to make sure you have the correct information to make informed decisions.

BerryDunn consultants help you answer the ACA questions facing your company:

  • Do you know whether you are considered a “large” or “small” employer, according to the ACA? 
  • Are your health benefits “affordable” as defined by the law? 
  • Do your health benefits provide “minimum value”?
  • Are you abiding by the 30-hours rule and the 95% coverage rule? 
  • Do you know who to count, and what type of hours worked and time periods to use?
  • Do you understand the look-back and monthly measurement methods? 
  • When are non-calendar-year-ends subject to the new rules? 
  • Will you possibly self-insure going forward?

Gain an understanding of how the Affordable Care Act affects your company and what you need to know and do to be prepared and to comply with confidence. Download our ACA decision tool.

Know your numbers and know where you stand.

We know the data and demographic thresholds that put your company into various categories, as well as the penalties and rules to which you’d be subject, including non-discrimination rules. We have sophisticated analysis tools, and, due to our years of benefits and compensation experience, know how to look at your whole suite of offerings in relation to the specifics of your company’s employee make-up to help you, in conjunction with your other professionals, come up with an optimal plan.

BerryDunn consultants have the unique tools to help you prepare for ACA compliance.

While we’re especially suited for running the numbers required by the ACA, BerryDunn is happy to work in partnership with your attorney and your insurance consultants. 

Contact our ACA experts, Bill Enck and Roger Prince.