Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Are you a good candidate for an Employee Stock Ownership Plan? Use our ESOP Checklist to assess your financial and corporate readiness.

Frank O'Shea, CPA

For a great success story, read this Mainebiz profile of Sargent’s president talking about his pride and pleasure in transitioning his company to an ESOP.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans need good advisors. Gain control of your ESOP issues with valuation experts and CPAs to guide you.

BerryDunn ESOP advisors give you the confidence to navigate the complexities of maintaining an ESOP. We help you:

  • Understand your repurchase obligations
  • Improve the efficiency of your audit
  • Understand your ESOP valuation requirements
  • Ease your fiduciary concerns
  • Optimize tax savings
  • Stay up to date on regulatory changes
  • Manage ERISA requirements
  • Understand if an ESOP transaction is feasible

Sharing Our ESOP Knowledge

At conferences, with webinars, or with our own focused programming, we dive deep into issues relevant to ESOP companies or those businesses considering ESOPs. We share new developments, provide guidance, and address your challenges—giving you the confidence to know you're on top of it all.

Being active in the industry makes us better advisors for our Employee Stock Ownership Plan clients and business owners. We belong to:

Is Employee Ownership Right for Your Business?

Are you considering an ESOP for your business? ESOPs are often an attractive option for a succession plan. Our experts help you understand and analyze your options, the ESOP startup and maintenance costs, the pros and cons, and even the suitability of your corporate culture.

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