We'll help you gain control of the IRS and ACA requirements and identify what applies to your company.

Bill Enck, CPA

"The Act is all about the numbers. We have the tools to run your numbers and tell you where you stand."

- Roger Prince

Our advisors help you gain the big picture of the plans and incentives you offer your employees, while guiding you through the fine-print details of ERISA, ACA, and IRS compliance.

Roll with confidence

From Sections 409A & 457 to the IRS & DOL Correction Programs and Forms 5500, we are your go-to consultants. We’ll help you gain control of the requirements and identify what applies to your company. BerryDunn’s experts cut through the confusion, keep abreast of constant changes, and offer you clear strategies for designing your plans and packages to remain compliant with government regulations and capture tax advantages.

Affordable Care Act

With the added layers of ACA healthcare reform, employee benefits now represent the most rapidly changing area of business operations. And it’s all about the numbers. You have a lot of decisions to make based on the number and type of employees in your business. With the deepest bench of tax and accounting advisors around, we can crunch your numbers, tell you where you stand, and help you get to where you need to be to remain compliant with the ACA. 


Retirement Plans

Plan design is our specialty. Our team will run your numbers with diagnostic software, and assess whether your plan will pass the required nondiscrimination testing. We will consider all the “What if?” scenarios, perform census review and nondiscrimination testing, as well as specialized contribution calculations. We can help you identify the income and payroll tax implications of various retirement plans. Our plan design services identify your optimal plan structure to both meet your needs and to take advantage of all possible tax benefits. We also regularly work with clients to correct plan errors under the IRS and DOL correction programs.


Executive Compensation

Our executive compensation experts help you structure a package to provide smart incentives for your key people. We provide tax analysis of executive compensation arrangements, identify payroll tax implications, and help to maximize tax benefits to you and your key employees. Our team’s deep knowledge of the rapid developments in rules and regulations supports your continuing compliance. We assist with Section 457 executive compensation for Not-For-Profits, and help prepare companies for Section 409A scrutiny of nonqualified deferred compensation.


Employee Benefit Plans

Our top client question: “Can I ensure that our benefits will be tax-free for our employees?” Our experts help you identify tax-favored employee benefits. We design and review fringe benefit plans—including pre-tax parking, gift awards, and employee meals—and we advise you on the use of earned time programs and potential cash-out provisions. In addition, our team designs cafeteria plans, and tests for non-discrimination in self-insured health plans. In short, yes, we help you ensure your plans will meet compliance standards and, if possible, be tax-free to your employees.