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Looking for a job with reliable employee benefits and some enjoyable perks? Look to BerryDunn.

Keeping our employees and their families healthy is important to us. Because we're a diverse bunch, we offer you a variety of choices for many of our benefits, allowing you to select the coverage that's right for your needs. And change it as your needs evolve.

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  • Mentor program
  • Flex work options
  • Sports teams
  • Office and departmental retreats and outings
  • Discounts to parks, ski areas, amusement parks, and events
  • Extensive support for community involvement
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Leading edge technology
  • "Busy Season" perks: dinner, chair massages, and more
  • Subsidized parking
  • Flu shots
  • Annual health screenings

Health Insurance

BerryDunn offers a comprehensive PPO plan that provides for a level of in-network and out-of-network benefits. Currently, the firm subsidizes a portion of the premiums for individuals and dependents. Effective date of the insurance is first of the month following the date of hire.

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Dental Insurance

BerryDunn offers a comprehensive plan from Delta Dental to employees working 20 hours or more. The plan includes coverage for preventative, basic, major and orthodontic services. The firm currently pays 80% of single coverage. Employees pay for dependent coverage through pre-tax payroll deduction. Effective date for this coverage is the 1st of the month following the date of hire.

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Wellness Program

The firm provides a wellness program that includes a variety of different benefits - from healthy cooking demos to reimbursements. Funds are available for educational materials, wellness seminars, and other activities. 

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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Employees are insured for long-term disability, amounting to 60% of their basic monthly earnings after 90 days of a qualifying disability. The firm currently pays the full premium for all eligible employees.

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Short-Term Disability Insurance

Voluntary short-term disability insurance amounting to 70% of basic weekly earnings after 14 days of a qualifying disability. If an employee opts to purchase this coverage, the firm currently pays a portion of the monthly premium for each eligible employee.

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401(k) and Profit Sharing Program

Employees are eligible to become participants in a 401(k) profit sharing plan based on certain criteria. All employees may join the 401(k) plan on the first semi-annual entry date after the date of employment. Employees who are at least age 21 and who work at least 1,000 hours per year become eligible to participate in company matching profit sharing contributions on the first semi-annual entry date after the completion of one year of service. Rollovers into the plan from IRAs and other qualified plans are permitted after meeting initial eligibility requirements. The plan offers many mutual fund investment choices and a discount brokerage window.

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Vacation, Holidays, Illness

Salaried staff earn three weeks of paid vacation per year. Each year staff is entitled to ten paid holidays, and staff members are entitled to five days of sick leave per year.

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Continuing Professional Education 

BerryDunn is committed to helping its professionals develop and master the competencies they need to be successful. Each professional receives an average of 44 hours of CPE training per year, most of which is provided internally and taught by the firm's managers, principals, and dedicated training staff.

In addition to its extensive New Hire and Staff training offerings, Senior School, and firm-wide Management Development Program, BerryDunn encourages ongoing on-the-job training and coaching, guided by the firm's Professional Growth Continuum and core competency model. Each BerryDunn professional creates an Individual Development Plan to tailor the training and staff development process and help each person realize his or her professional goals.

CPA Exam

BerryDunn encourages staff accountant members to take the CPA exam. The firm pays for the entire exam the first time regardless of the outcome. Thereafter, the firm will pay the examination fee for each part, as it is passed.

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