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University of Tennessee Chattanooga: Making the right IT investments for today and tomorrow

Client Description

University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (UTC)


UTC needed to invest its efforts and resources in the wisest manner possible so the University could address academic, administrative, and operational technology needs within a unified planning framework.

BerryDunn's Solution/Approach

We pulled together a BerryDunn team of IT and Strategic Planning consultants to evaluate the University’s current IT environment and work with UTC leadership to plan for future IT needs.  We began the process by conducting student and faculty focus group sessions in order to learn what the key issues were from their perspective, both for today and in the future.

We met with academic and administrative leadership, information technology managers, and staff. We observed operations, participated in technology committee meetings, and conducted open “town hall” style forums.

After gathering the perspectives of the stakeholders and campus groups, we evaluated budget, services, staffing, and governance at UTC. Combining the analysis with the data gathered from the various constituents, we identified 18 strategic technology issues. Our experts then worked with UTC executives to develop an IT Master Plan that identified strategic initiatives to address these issues.

The initiatives were designed to facilitate and track the progress of technology governance, services, and communications over the next five years, becoming a “living document” and an essential tool for UTC in aligning people, processes and systems with the University’s strategic plan. The summary of the recommendations included an implementation timeframe for each initiative, associated budget estimates over a five-year planning horizon, and a UTC initiative owner.


As a result of the Technology Assessment and IT Strategic Planning Project, UTC came away with more than just recommendations and a report. They: 

  • Had input from over 150 University stakeholders. 
  • Identified which benchmarks to use to compare services and quality to other campuses
  • Determined the best way to manage the campus IT inventory, replacement, and refresh programs
  • Identified which IT services to manage centrally and which should be distributed
  • Created a transparent process for IT governance that established standard processes for decision making

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