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University of New Hampshire current environment assessment

Client Description

With over 15,000 students and two campuses, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) is the largest university in the state.


The objective of the assessment was to identify cost-saving opportunities, strengthen processes, and provide recommendations in support of the University’s IT vision and objectives. Such analyses result in recommendations to improve the organization and operation of IT services, and identify optimal sourcing strategies.

BerryDunn’s Solution/Approach

BerryDunn met with representatives from central and distributed IT operations on the campus, campus leaders, department representatives, and students who were technology stakeholders. From our assessment, we developed recommendations that addressed the identified issues, and incorporated benchmark interviews with three other large research universities to provide comparative information and insights.

Upon completion of the assessment, we:

  • Developed a set of prioritized recommendations in order of criticality from highest to lowest
  • Organized the recommendations in two areas:
    • Items that required action from members of the broader UNH
    • community
  • Items that needed to be addressed within UNH IT and most likely would not require significant buy-in from outside the organization


We provided findings and recommendations on cost-saving opportunities, process improvement, and IT organization and staffing, all of which were associated with numerous external and internal areas. Additionally, we worked with the client to identify key “high level” technology issues that challenged the University; pinpoint ways to better align people, processes, and systems within the entire IT community; and address IT governance and ways to better consider, clarify, and communicate IT leadership.

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