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Morehead state university technology assessment and IT master plan

Client Description

Morehead State University (MSU), a public university with more than 11,000 students, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


Morehead State University (MSU) engaged BerryDunn to undertake a technology assessment and IT strategic planning project sponsored by MSU’s Chief Financial Officer/Vice President for Administration on behalf of the President’s Cabinet. The project aimed to provide strategic direction for technology across the university that aligned with MSU’s strategic “ASPIRE” initiatives to create a framework for sustainable technology planning at the university.

BerryDunn’s Solution/Approach

BerryDunn conducted a three-phase project:

  • Current IT Environment Assessment: We conducted an independent and objective evaluation of all IT services across MSU, facilitated focus group sessions with students and faculty, met with leadership, observed operations, participated in technology committee meetings, and conducted open “town hall” forums to gain input.
  • Benchmarking: Input from appropriate institutions informed MSU’s Master Plan, including IT planning, governance and policy organization services, funding and expenditures, and training and professional development.
  • IT Master Plan: The IT Master Plan comprised 15 strategic initiatives designed to address technology governance organization, IT infrastructure, institutional data management, and other aspects of IT for the next five years.


We received input from over 200 university stakeholders, facilitated planning among diverse groups of stakeholders that had not been able to coordinate their IT needs, identified a process to determine which IT services should be managed centrally and which were better served in a distributed manner, and created a transparent process for IT governance that established standard processes for decision, all of which helped to form the IT Master Plan. The plan serves as a “living document” to help the University move forward in aligning its people, processes, and systems with strategic priorities and “ASPIRE” initiatives.

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