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Gain oversightBusiness Associate Agreement audits

An important element to ensure compliance with the HIPAA regulations

Healthcare organizations are challenged to keep track of even the most basic, high-level Business Associate Agreements (BAA), such as how many exist across an enterprise, with whom, and the various terms from vendors. This ambiguity introduces notable risks, especially for larger or more complex organizations, especially when a security breach involving ePHI occurs and notification is required.

With many of the publicized breaches of healthcare data coming from business associates rather than the covered entity itself, BAA audits are a necessary element of a robust HIPAA compliance program.

Many healthcare organizations do not have the resources or expertise to manage a BAA audit internally. Our full array of HIPAA compliance services can alleviate this daunting task. We offer basic, enhanced, and full support options for analyzing, remediating, and auditing BAAs to remove the risk to your organization—and to help you establish a solid compliance framework to BAA oversight.

BerryDunn has joined forces with the VantagePoint Healthcare Compliance and Credentialing team to expand the services we provide to healthcare organizations. Contact us to learn more about our Business Associate Agreement audits.

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