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Recovery Advisory Team: Gain control of challenges and opportunities

The BerryDunn Recovery Advisory Team is here to help you gain control of challenges and opportunities. We proactively bring available resources to your attention and work with you to navigate through the economic implications of the COVID-19 outbreak. For businesses, not-for-profits, financial institutions, and government entities, our industry experts stand ready to help you build the path toward recovery, growth, and resilience.

Seth Webber
Dave Erb is leading the Recovery Advisory Team’s efforts to assist businesses throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. He is helping the team proactively manage the process of maximizing benefits for each client. He brings over 20 years of tax consulting experience to the team. Seth Webber leads the Valuation Group. He brings a combination of valuation and operations skills to bear for his clients, helping them navigate challenging business issues, particularly in building resilience into their operations. He has been instrumental in providing guidance on the Paycheck Protection Program.
Kevin Penley Cameron Scott
Kevin Penley provides accounting, audit, and financial reporting services to commercial businesses. He is advising his clients through the challenges of COVID-19, including best practices related to accounting treatments and operations and available assistance, such as the Paycheck Protection Program. Cameron Scott helps business owners identify opportunities for improvements to mitigate risk and build business resilience. He is guiding clients through the COVID-19 outbreak with strategic options within business operating plans.
Jason Fournier Kristin Courtemanche
Jason Fournier has over 20 years of accounting and risk management experience. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is interpreting the stimulus bill and is BerryDunn's go-to for navigating the Paycheck Protection Program as it relates to loan forgiveness. Kristin Courtemanche assists employers in understanding the tax implications of employee benefits. Her experience includes assisting employers with employee benefits and related employment tax credits in the FFCRA and CARES Act.
Bill Enck
Bill Enck has extensive experience consulting on earned benefit time plans and other compensation programs. He is educating employers on the tax advantages of offering employee benefits and how they may be impacted by the FFCRA and CARES Act.

Janice Latulippe is guiding financial institutions on accounting and regulatory issues through the COVID-19 outbreak, including loan modifications, Paycheck Protection Program requirements and lender considerations, liquidity resources, and the impact on the allowance for loan losses. 

Financial reporting Higher education
Grant Ballantyne Emily Parker
Grant Ballantyne specializes in serving not-for-profit and GASB organizations. He is recognized for his expertise in staying current on the latest accounting pronouncements, specifically as they relate to financial reporting and leases for not-for-profits. Emily Parker focuses on financial statement presentation and federal and state compliance auditing. She has been instrumental in compiling and distributing guidance for institutions of higher education who have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Sarah Belliveau
Sarah Belliveau is the Principal in charge of the firm’s Not-for-Profit Practice Area. She advises her clients on best practices related to managing and accounting for their endowments through the economic challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. 
Cash flow and organizational stabilization
Mark LaPrade Lisa Trundy-Whitten
Mark LaPrade assists not-for-profits with financial modeling to understand the potential impacts that uncertainties such as the COVID-19 outbreak may have on their finances. He designs cash flow projections to help create a model for sustainability. Lisa Trundy-Whitten has served the not-for-profit and healthcare industries for over 17 years. Her expertise includes a variety of aspects of capital transactions, including forecasts and projections, and preparation of prospective financial information.
Sarah Belliveau
Sarah Belliveau is the Principal in charge of the firm’s Not-for-Profit Practice Area. She specializes in not-for-profit best practices, including those related to operating reserves, financial modeling, and enterprise risk management.
Federally qualified health centers Hospitals
Mary Dowes Connie Ouellette
Mary Dowes is a leader in BerryDunn’s Community Health Center Practice Area, providing audit, reimbursement, and operational consulting services to FQHCs. She has authored several blog posts to guide FQHCs through the COVID-19 outbreak. Connie Ouellette specializes in finance and third-party reimbursement and has guided hospitals through the COVID-19 outbreak with insight on the availability of funding sources, waiver or relaxation of healthcare regulations, and changes for telehealth services.
Senior living and long-term care Home health and hospice
Lisa Trundy-Whitten Dimitri Panacopoulos
Lisa Trundy-Whitten is a Principal in BerryDunn’s Senior Living and Long-Term Care Practice Area. She advises her clients on CMS pronouncements, potential funding sources, and financial stability related to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Dimitri Panacopoulos is committed to providing his clients with guidance on how to best operate and understand regulations and funding opportunities. He serves on the COVID-19 task force of the Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of New Hampshire.

Clint Davies Dan Vogt
Clint Davies works with CEOs, CIOs, and boards of directors to evaluate IT organizational structure, staffing, and business processes. He is advising his clients on technology planning and process improvement through the COVID-19 outbreak. Dan Vogt is a management and IT consultant with nearly 20 years of experience working with healthcare clients. He is guiding his clients through the COVID-19 outbreak with best practices related to telehealth, EHR adoption, HIPAA compliance, and process improvement
Joe Traino Tina Bode
Joe Traino is an experienced higher education leader and IT consultant. He has a strong background in delivering technical and strategic solutions to meet the critical needs of campuses. He provides risk management and governance guidance. Tina Bode advises clients on risk management programs, internal controls, and business process improvements. She is helping her clients respond to the COVID-19 outbreak with guidance on planning for contingencies and mitigating risks.
Chris Ellingwood
Chris Ellingwood specializes in serving clients in the gaming, lottery, banking, and technology industries. He provides SOC audit, security assessment, and risk assessment services. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is guiding clients on IT controls and planning.

Danielle Ewing Ethan Wiley
Danielle Ewing serves as a trusted advisor to state public health and social services agencies who have been instrumental in addressing and minimizing the negative effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on individuals and families. Ethan Wiley is a Manager with broad healthcare system experience. He specializes in Medicaid waiver and state plan development. He is assisting state Medicaid agencies with new challenges and opportunities created by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Kim Brandt Zach Rioux
Kim Brandt serves health and human services clients, focusing primarily on providing IV&V management services to Medicaid Enterprise and Integrated Eligibility systems. She has been actively guiding clients affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Zach Rioux supports Medicaid agencies with enterprise strategic planning. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is helping state HHS agencies identify the appropriate funding mechanisms for COVID-19 support, including waivers and Advance Planning Documents. 
Julie Sullivan Matt Kukla
Julie Sullivan leads our Public Health Practice. She works with state public health departments to develop and implement contact tracing, including estimating staffing needs, identifying a training approach, and providing overall project management. Matt Kukla provides strategic and analytic guidance to policymakers, independent agencies, and commercial insurers. He helps clients understand the economic impact of COVID-19 and make evidence-based decisions for improving healthcare coverage and affordability.
Seth Hedstrom Doug Rowe
Seth Hedstrom is a Principal in our Local Government Practice Area. He focuses on a variety of process, policy, and technology initiatives. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is providing guidance on strategies for budget and resource limitations. Doug Rowe leads our Justice & Public Safety Practice. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is helping clients implement creative methods for dispensing justice, video-based court hearings, and telehealth technology.
Mike Mahar Steve Whitney
Michael Mahar assists state agencies with operational, strategic, and technological initiatives. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, he is guiding clients on the continuation of business operations and the transition to and from work-from-home environments. Steve Whitney helps state and local agencies optimize financial management. He has helped public health and child welfare agencies develop and implement initiatives to increase their claiming of federal funds to pay for critical services needed to address the COVID-19 outbreak.
Kevin Price Yoko McCarthy
Kevin Price leads BerryDunn’s Community Development and Utility Operations Practice. He is helping clients maximize the use of technology and expand online customer self-service tools during the COVID-19 outbreak. Yoko McCarthy leads BerryDunn’s Compliance and Risk Management Practice. She is helping clients raise awareness of the increasing risk of fraud and implement preventive controls during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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