Success Stories

Our work with clients drives measurable results and more traction for their success.

  • Healthcare

    • A rural health system sought a single EHR across all of its care settings to enhance transparency, provide a single source of truth for all patient information, and gain better access to patient records. 

    • An association providing health insurance for approximately 25 employers and 2,100 employees, needed help with its annual health insurer renewal process.

    • A pilot accountable care organization (ACO) comprised of five health care delivery systems and four commercial health insurance carriers needed to develop a common ACO financial framework. They also needed financial scenarios within that framework to be used by pilot sites and health insurance carriers in their ACO contract negotiations.

    • An accountable care organization (ACO) needed better access to, and analysis of, their data.

    • A NH Critical Access Hospital needed help figuring out how to correct earlier errors in cost reports that had disadvantaged the hospital’s reimbursement.

    • MaineGeneral Health, a large integrated healthcare system in Maine, called on BerryDunn's IT consultants to to stabilize its information systems and services and optimize the use of its current technology.

    • A not-for-profit organization was in need of improved business office operations to perform work more efficiently, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and enhance the performance of the business office team. By facilitating change while directly involving the staff, BerryDunn helped to eliminate redundant and manual steps, and increased the use of system functionality.

    • Mercy asked us to meet with physicians, administrators, and staff to gain thier perspectives on what was needed in new electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software, and to facilitate a start-to-finish process in selecting a vendor.

    • MVH was frustrated with its clinical and billing system, as well as the software vendor’s inability to address MVH’s needs. MVH engaged BerryDunn to assess the current situation; evaluate and select a new EHR, billing, and financial software system; design infrastructure changes; and plan and oversee the implementation of changes.

    • BerryDunn's knowledge of the hospital regulatory environment helped a Maine hospital eliminate an unneccessary filing, helping the hospital finance staff gain time and efficiency. The hospital had been preparing the filing for over 20 years.