BerryDunn valuation experts help you fully understand your data and clarify value drivers.

Arthur Marshall

The analysis and calculation of lost profits and/or economic damages is a core competency of BerryDunn's Valuation Services Group.

Economic damages can include lost profits, loss of the entire business, or a combination of both. Damages may be caused by negligence, fraud, theft, patent/trademark infringement, fire, or breach of contract.

Whether the business has suffered a reduction in income, terminated operations, or has never gotten past its start-up phase, BerryDunn's Valuation Services Group can help. Our experts have the experience and resources to calculate the amount required to make the damaged party whole, and then support the number with solid documentation.

  • When assessing damages for lost profits, we ensure defendable results by using proven and accepted methodologies and appropriate standards of proof.
  • We understand the impact of lost profits on overall business value and goodwill.
  • We combine industry-wide and business-specific data with sound economic principles to develop assumptions that stand up in court.

When necessary, our lost profit damages experts can also analyze the calculations of other experts, and provide critical feedback.