BerryDunn valuation experts help you fully understand your data and clarify value drivers.

Arthur Marshall

Objective expert witness services produce defendable results

BerryDunn’s certified valuation experts provide a menu of specialized attorney services to help you present complex business valuation, forensic, and accounting issues clearly and thoroughly to the judge and jury. Our financial and economic analyses offer clarity in your litigation matters, from small disputes to complex commercial litigation.

As seasoned expert witnesses, our services include:

  • Presenting our opinion of value
  • Consulting on discovery requests
  • Assisting attorneys with the preparation for a deposition or trial
  • Reviewing an appraisal prepared by the opposing expert
  • Taking the stand as an objective witness from a public accounting firm

Whether evaluating a report for the trier of fact or helping you craft a strategy, we bring a direct, proven approach to the process.

Make a clear case out of complex information

Our valuation team’s signature style is to be factually rigorous while remaining straightforward and accessible.

Leverage BerryDunn’s breadth of skills and knowledge

Our valuation team has a deep and diverse range of financial advisors at BerryDunn, northern New England’s largest public accounting firm.

To learn more about the backgrounds of some of our certified business valuation experts, please follow the links below:

Seth E. Webber, MBA, ASA, CBA, CVA

Arthur H. Marshall, MPS, ASA, CBA, CVA