BerryDunn teams are designed around each client, putting the right skills and expertise in place to give you every advantage.

Seth Webber, MBA, ASA, CBA, CVA

Our clients gain insight and greater clarity into the value and security of their business.

Business valuation is our forte. Our credentialed specialists can provide the business valuation analysis and expert witness support that leads to reliable outcomes.

Dependable business valuation for business owners and objective valuation services for attorneys—our professionals produce defendable results.

BerryDunn's business valuation experts help you unravel the often contentious question, "What's it worth?" Wherever you’re located—Maine, New Hampshire, Arizona, or California, we can help you arrive at the right answer. We offer a range of business valuation services to individuals and business owners and a variety of specialized services for attorneys.

For business owners

Whether it's a business you're buying, a legal battle over ownership value, a valuation for gifting or estate planning, or valuing an ESOP, we bring technical expertise, up to date appraisal tools, and broad industry knowledge to deliver everything you need to make well-informed business decisions and set realistic epectations. Whether selling your business or planning to buy one, let us help you establish a fair price or substantiate a market analysis.

For attorneys

Our experienced expert witnesses present complex issues clearly and thoroughly. Our testimony and reports can help clarify a situation in dispute or provide defendable analysis or shed light on the true value of a business. We provide technical assistance to counsel in most phases of litigation matters, from assessing the financial scope of the matter to detailed analysis and testimony. We work in Northern New England—Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont—and anywhere you need us to go.

Why you need a business valuation expert in your corner when making important financial decisions.

Our business valuation experts can provide clarity to the complexities of valuation. We carefully and thoroughly review the history of the business as well as the numbers behind the story. We assess current market conditions as they impact ongoing cash flows. Finally, we render an independent, objective opinion of the company’s value, in a reporting format tailored to your needs.

Whether you are a lawyer seeking an expert or a business owner seeking advice in planning for estate and gift taxation or ownership transition, we have the expertise to help you gain confidence in your direction and capitalize on opportunities.

Looking for how we can help you directly? Call or email our valuation services practice leader, Seth Webber.