Cost Segregation

Build in a better return on your investment.

Jason Favreau, CPA

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Accelerate your cash flow with a cost segregation study.

We bring you a winning combination of skills - BerryDunn’s technical tax and industry experts combined with Bedford Cost Segregation’s strategic tax planning knowledge and skill. Bedford, an independent professional services firm specializing in cost segregation and innovative tax and energy solutions for the commercial real estate industry, has conducted over 10,000 cost segregation studies (CSS). You benefit from the deep experience of Bedford and the extensive tax knowledge of BerryDunn - an approach the IRS has accepted time and again.

Let us help you realize significant tax savings by segregating the personal property components of your projects’ depreciation - accelerating your tax deductions over five, seven, or 15 years compared to the typical depreciation period that can be as long as 39 years.

You can change history.

Even if you didn’t do a cost segregation on that project you completed a few years ago, a look-back study allows you to claim a catch-up tax deduction today for the accelerated depreciation benefits of a CSS that you overlooked in the past.

If you are planning a construction project, allow us to help you get the most out of a CSS by consulting with your design team. A tweak in building plans can increase tax savings while maintaining your overall design objective.

We work with a variety of clients - from real estate owners to auto dealers - to apply the most appropriate strategies and latest innovations in cost segregation.

Who might consider a cost segregation study?

If you:

  • Are purchasing real estate
  • Are beginning a construction project
  • Are expanding an existing facility or undergoing a major renovation
  • Are making significant leasehold improvements
  • Have already completed any of the above in the past 14 years
  • Are a commercial real estate contractor looking to provide extra value to your clients

Check out our information on the leverage savings by type of property by clicking here.

We give our clients the advice they need to gain control of the opportunities available to them. To learn more, contact David Erb or Jason Favreau.


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