Many companies qualify for the R&D credit, but fail to claim the benefit, which can be substantial.

Michel Caouette, CPA

Learn how one company was able to claim over $500,000 of tax credits as a result of an R&D tax credit study

Don’t let valuable credits go unclaimed. Let BerryDunn’s tax specialists help you maximize the tax savings from the R&D tax credit process.

Does your company develop new or improved products or processes? Talk to us about qualifying for research & development tax credits. We can help you identify the activities that qualify and the related and allowable costs, helping you gain control of a great opportunity to drive value.

BerryDunn R&D credit experts can help you identify your organization’s qualifying activities. We’re well-versed in both federal and state R&D incentives, meaning our expertise can help you determine if you qualify for credits and how much tax savings it could mean for you. And, of course, we’ll make certain the documentation you’ll need to support your credits and defend your claim from a potential IRS audit is complete.

What can qualify?

  • New plant processes
  • Expansion and optimization of existing plant operations
  • Innovative designs for wastewater technology, bridge designs or road structures
  • New software development
  • Energy-efficient improvements or changes

Who can benefit?

  • Architecture & Engineering firms
  • Construction firms
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Software developers
  • Specialty equipment firms
  • Boat builders
  • Food & consumer good producers
  • Agriculture operations
  • Brewers
  • Many others

Are you eligible?

The R&D credit can be an immediate source of cash and a meaningful reduction of future federal and state taxes. Contact Mike Caouette for more information.