From pre-deal analysis and financial due diligence to execution and post-deal recommendations, we share the insights you need to make the best decisions.

Jason Fournier, CPA

Investors want to know they can count on your numbers and analyses. BerryDunn helps you stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

We guide you with sound financial advice during strategic transactions—from start to finish

Gain confidence with preliminary analysis and due diligence

We have extensive experience serving as accountants and business advisors to growing middle market commercial companies involved in merger and acquisition transactions, both from the buy and sell sides. We work with privately held companies as well as private equity firms, helping everyone on your team understand the strengths and weaknesses of the transaction or the acquisition target.

Our firm has been extensively involved with numerous acquisitions/restructurings ranging in size from $5-300 million. You benefit from our years of experience advising:

  • Stock and asset purchase acquisitions
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Management leveraged buyouts
  • Recapitalizations

Optimize your investment

Our involvement often begins with the preliminary deal analysis and financial due diligence required in analyzing potential acquisition/merger transactions. This includes:

  • Deal structure review, addressing both accounting and tax issues
  • Deal negotiation and purchase price determination and allocation
  • Purchase and sale document review
  • Manage and support due diligence process
  • Preparation and analysis of prospective financial information
  • Accounting practices assessment

Be aware of post-integration tax and business opportunities and issues

Many of our clients have highly sophisticated accounting and reporting issues, coupled with complex capital structures. We use our expertise to guide you through the process, help you gain control of opportunities that arise during the deal, and focus on what you need for a successful transaction. We know how important it is to properly address the complex post-acquisition issues, including accounting, tax, and business integration.

We help clients reorganize business structures and operations to take advantage of potential synergies resulting from the transaction. We also work with acquired companies to train staff and assist management in becoming familiar with new corporate procedures and required internal controls.

Secure additional capital for long-term growth and innovation

We have extensive expertise assisting companies secure additional sources of capital to achieve long-term strategic growth plans. The amount of capital, the length of time it is needed, and the type (debt, equity, or mezzanine) vary with specific circumstances. We have hands-on experience advising clients on various sources of capital. This means ensuring that the financing option chosen will provide the best balance of cost of capital, cash flow, and lender risk to a company, given the specific stage of its growth cycle.

Get the personalized attention of a boutique group, with the resources of a big firm

With BerryDunn, you work with a dedicated team, backed by our deep bench of resources. Some on our team come from Big 4 firms, some draw on their private-sector experience. You’ll work directly with seasoned talent in:

  • Assessing business models and cash flow forecasts
  • Assessing risks and opportunities, assets and potential liabilities
  • Benchmarking historical and forecasted results
  • Business valuations
  • Forensic services supporting due diligence efforts
  • Litigation support
  • Management and IT consulting
  • Planning for divestiture of a business or segment
  • Tax consulting and reporting
  • Working capital analysis

Under current independence standards, experts from our Business Valuation Group are available to provide you with valuation support related to mergers and acquisitions. Our valuation consultants provide a thorough analysis of the myriad components of a transaction, not only identifying a company's value drivers but also recommending strategic improvements to increase its value while minimizing taxes.

Our alliance with HLB International extends our bench strength to include global experts when you need on-site and international support.

Looking for more information about how we can help? Contact our Transaction Group Leader, Jason Fournier.