Clint Davies

BerryDunn’s structured methodology fosters greater buy-in and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Doug Rowe

Gain control of the complexity—we’ll support you start to finish

The selection and implementation of information systems can be complicated endeavors. BerryDunn’s system selection and planning team help you identify, purchase, and implement the right system the first time to avoid unnecessary replacements or upgrades.

Every project begins with an analysis of your needs and available options for addressing those needs, including existing and emerging technologies. We develop requests for proposals, system requirements, and demonstration scripts, and then we help to facilitate demonstrations for you and your stakeholders. BerryDunn consultants also lead site visits, facilitate interface design sessions, and negotiate contracts. Our method helps you to reach an assessment of alternatives, and we offer our experience in contract review and negotiations to support you through the selection process start to finish.

Pave way for a smooth implementation, knowing what is realistic and achievable

When planning for your new technology, you benefit from our collaborative decision-making process about the project timeline, implementation strategy, data conversion decisions, and who will be your implementation team members. Drawing from our experience, we know what is realistic and achievable, and share this knowledge and perspective with you to pave way for a smooth implementation.

We understand that involving stakeholders throughout the planning process increases stakeholders’ ownership and buy-in in the process. BerryDunn’s IT and project management experts help you:

  • Build consensus among stakeholders
  • Raise management’s confidence in the project
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Define requirements
  • Develop RFPs
  • Facilitate vendor selection
  • Guide contract negotiations

Choose the right system at the right time

We have years of experience providing oversight and project management of large-scale system implementations, which allows us to anticipate and address risks that can occur during system implementation projects. Our consultants provide a range of implementation oversight services, including project management and quality assurance oversight. We apply proven project management principles as set forth in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and scale them to meet your organization’s needs. This means that you gain efficiencies and seasoned insight on your projects from inception through completion.