Keith Damon

Our clients value our proven methodologies and demonstrated expertise — backed by professional industry certifications.

David Houle, CPP

Develop actionable plans to guide your future

Our strategic planning experts have the experience to lead technology planning initiatives, determine strategic vision, gain consensus among diverse stakeholder groups, and develop actionable plans.

Pull together analytics, compliance standards, best practices, and benchmarking—all in one place

BerryDunn helps IT departments to develop a Strategic Technology Plan that provides a technology vision and roadmap for making decisions, guiding standards, setting budgets, and driving future funding efforts. Our team works collaboratively with your staff, administration, IT department, and other key stakeholders to set strategic direction, identify objectives, and sequence projects, either to respond to urgent needs or over a multiple-year planning horizon.

Manage required technologies in an organized and controlled manner

Through knowledge sharing, training, or planning workshops, we help you to understand your IT needs and trends in the industry. Our efficient and proven technology planning methodology is designed to help you achieve your future IT goals. The resulting plan is a document that answers the questions, “Where are we now?” and “What are we trying to achieve?” The plan also presents a progressive and actionable approach to answer the question, “How do we get there?”

By defining clear and executable objectives and IT project plans, you can realize efficiencies, plan for the future, and use your IT resources to support your overall mandate.