We identify issues, risks, and system impacts and provide recommendations to mitigate any potential problems.

Charlie Leadbetter, PMP

Know where you stand with Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments

As Quality Assurance/IV&V consultants, we have the breadth of experience and the depth of technical expertise to understand the software implementation methodologies and potential risks you may be confronting. Our approach not only tests the final product, but also evaluates intermediate deliverables. We identify issues and system impacts, and provide recommendations to keep potential problems from affecting you.

Meet your assessment needs for a wide range of projects

BerryDunn has the expertise to provide Quality Assurance, IV&V, and independent "project health assessment" services for a broad range of systems projects. Depending on the size and scope of the implementation, our IV&V / QA services have ranged from point-in-time assessments to a full-time multidisciplinary role.

  • Traditional IV&V monitors daily activities of the implementation vendor and client, serving as an independent third-party assessment to evaluate issues and risks to the projects
  • Point-in-time IV&V consists of a preliminary IV&V assessment of a project, followed by three IV&V assessments after the completion of each development phase
  • Independent project health assessments evaluate IT projects spanning multiple agencies or departments to assess whether they are on track, progressing according to business and technical objectives, being managed with best practices, and utilizing appropriate control processes and systems
  • Oversight of project recovery efforts assist "at risk" or "failing" projects to help rebuild team morale and bring projects back on track
  • Independent reviews identify potential project risks, provide a neutral perspective of the project plans and contract, and evaluate organizational readiness
  • Software testing, code review, and system architecture assessment review system test results, plan and conduct user acceptance testing, assess software code quality, and determine soundness of system structure and security and privacy controls

Improve the success of your complex system implementations

Large system implementation projects can gain value from having an objective third-party consultant provide IV&V and/or QA services to proactively identify potential risks and issues with the implementation process. When we review vendor deliverables, oversee testing activities, and recommend strategies to mitigate known risks and issues, we do so with fresh eyes and no agenda other than completing a clear, objective, high-quality assessment.

Avoid unnecessary costs and compliance issues

A core tenant of effective IV&V and QA is the philosophy that software defects and project challenges can be avoided through the use of third-party assistance to independently verify and validate the systems and project decisions. We focus on identifying potential deficiencies in the design, development, or implementation services and products, and address them before they occur—prevention versus detection.