Clint Davies

At BerryDunn, you'll work with a seasoned team of experts, gaining insight from our years of work with healthcare providers.

Tim Masse

The landscape of healthcare is changing rapidly

The healthcare environment is complex. Evolving federal and state requirements and reform, financial incentives, and technology all dramatically affect healthcare delivery for providers and government agencies alike. From policy development and auditing expertise, to IT Security, and Electronic Health Record knowledge, BerryDunn has a unique breadth of expertise to meet challenges that occur on all levels of healthcare service delivery.

BerryDunn management consultants and IT consultants understand what goes on behind the scenes to deliver quality healthcare. We work to address the challenges and opportunities you face and provide you with an independent perspective, an experienced team, and a sound project management approach, leading to cost-effective solutions—and proven results for your organization or agency.

Who We Work With

Our experience with healthcare providers includes hospitals, physician practices, behavioral health, long-term and post-acute care, home health, and hospice. We help you optimize people, process, and technology across the continuum of care. Our experience with public and private payors allows us to help you manage through reimbursement, technology, and policy changes.

Our health and human services experts have a deep background in health policy, the health insurance market, and the technical requirements and infrastructure necessary to operate in the government sector. We offer services to help you keep up with the latest regulations, technologies, and interagency dynamics while building your knowledge and comfort level with operating in a shifting landscape.