The combination of our experience in health economics, actuarial analysis and finance gives you confidence in the outcomes of your BerryDunn engagement.

Lars Loren

We have expanded to bring you a wider array of services and skills. Read our announcement for more details on our recent merger.

BerryDunn solves ACO reporting and analysis problems by creating decision support environments for multiple shared risk population claims and care management system data 

We combine deep understanding of healthcare operations and analytical frameworks with strong technical skills to create decision support environments that meet your precise needs. Through careful analysis and sophisticated programming, we deliver database designs and other solutions that help you access the right data at the right time to make decisions.

Our services include:

  • Working with almost any healthcare data or database technology
  • Guiding the design of decision support systems, including data warehouses and marts, for insurers, providers, and regulators
  • Extracting, transforming, and staging data for client access
  • Designing and building reporting systems for complex clinical and operational metrics
  • Creating access to the data through commonly used tools
  • Ad hoc analysis and reporting supported by extensive healthcare analysis experience

BerryDunn has designed solutions and worked with clients to implement them at the client site or as a service requiring minimal technical support on the client’s part.

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