The combination of our experience in health economics, actuarial analysis and finance gives you confidence in the outcomes of your BerryDunn engagement.

Jim Highland

We have expanded to bring you a wider array of services and skills. Read our announcement for more details on our recent merger.

Helping governments and healthcare organizations improve access and affordability 

BerryDunn provides healthcare economic analysis and technical support to government agencies, healthcare policy research groups, and other organizations concerned with improving affordability and access to healthcare. By researching key issues, providing focused analysis, and examining claims and other detailed healthcare data, we help our clients understand complex policy issues.

To help you achieve your policy goals or review key programs, we provide:

  • Estimation of the impact of government programs or mandates on population healthcare utilization and outcomes and on insurance costs
  • Market competition/antitrust assessments
  • Health insurance benefit plan pricing, evaluation, and design for government-driven plans
  • Healthcare cost trend analysis
  • Data analysis, processing, and management in support of policy research
  • Strategies for addressing healthcare finance and economics in policy forums, including legislative/regulatory proceedings
  • Testimony and report preparation

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