You spend years building your business. Spend a few minutes talking to us to get your exit right.

Frank O'Shea, CPA

"Our process enables you to gain control of your most important asset and leave your business on your terms." - Frank O'Shea, Principal

A successful exit takes careful planning.

You’ve worked hard to build a successful privately held business, and now you want your exit plan to work just as hard for you. However, there are many challenges to turning an illiquid business into the source of wealth you counted on. Using our proven process and framework, we will guide you in your ownership transition. BerryDunn's deep experience with business succession helps you gain control of opportunities, make informed decisions, get the highest value, bring together the right people, minimize taxes, and comfortably enter the next stage of your life.

An exit strategy is not the same as selling your business. There are many options for you to consider as a business owner when transitioning from your business and realizing the value you’ve created. BerryDunn professionals provide custom-tailored guidance that helps you plan an exit that makes sense for you, your family, your employees and the business.

We help you establish your exit goals, measure your financial readiness, choose the optimal exit option and execute your exit strategy plan to achieve your goals. We have a breadth of skilled experts available to you, including financial planners, and valuation and tax professionals to help you gain greater clarity and control over the process.

We follow a multi-step process to develop your Exit Strategy Plan:

  • Measure your financial readiness
    Have you accumulated sufficient resources outside of the business to meet your post-exit needs?
  • Exit on your schedule
    Have you taken steps to ensure that your business is ready to transfer when the right opportunity arises?
  • Clarify expectations
    Do you understand the most likely exit strategies for your business and how much you would receive after taxes and fees from a transfer?
  • Transition leadership
    Are key roles ready to be filled if you are no longer involved in the business?
  • Maximize sale proceeds
    Do you understand the "value drivers" of your business and how potential acquirers will assess them?
  • Minimize taxes
    Have you considered the tax impacts of your exit strategy on your post-exit proceeds? It's not what you get but what you keep that counts.

Make a graceful exit with the help of our exit planning specialist, Francis J. O'Shea

Watch Frank O'Shea give his take on exit planning in this brief video.

Coaching business owners on successful exit planning is both art and science. It’s a complex process and most business owners have one chance to do it right. Listen to Frank O’Shea’s take on why he does what he does and the advice he’d impart to business owners.