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Executive Compensation

Are your top-level compensation packages aligned with your business goals? Or do they send a mixed message?

Bill Enck, CPA

You want to provide incentive compensation to your key employees but don't know how? We can help.

Our executive compensation specialists help you know your options and choose the best course of action.

Whether you want to create a plan that ties directly to company performance or provide a highly compensated executive or group of executives with deferred compensation or enhanced qualified retirement plan benefits, creating the right plan can be trickier than you think. Don’t let plan complexity create a compliance problem for your business.

Make sure your executive compensation packages meet the needs of both you and your key people. From deferred compensation to synthetic equity to qualified retirement plans, we can develop a package that meets your specific needs and keeps you in compliance with the regulations.

We take the time to educate you during implementation so that you understand what your responsibilities are – from reporting to complying with the various rules on deferrals and distributions.

Long-term incentive plans make sense for everyone, but developing a good plan can be a time-consuming process. We can help you look to the future and use the right combination of tools to drive desired behaviors, compensate for achievements, and understand the tax implications of the choices in front of you.

BerryDunn compensation consultants share their knowledge to help you:

  • Create a plan that aligns well with your organization’s culture and values
  • Create individually tailored programs that address individual needs and overall company goals—all the while taking into account long- and short-term incentives through bonuses, deferred compensation, non-qualified plans (tax-deferred, employer-sponsored retirement plans), and qualified retirement plans
  • Design supplemental compensation programs that combine well with your existing compensation plans

Whether your organization is for-profit or a not-for-profit, we help you make sure that your executives’ compensation and benefit packages don’t land your organization in trouble with the IRS.

We take the confusion out of designing the right plan for your executives. 

We work with you and your attorneys or in-house counsel to design a plan that incentivizes and retains top performers and key executives using provisions that are in line with your business goals.

Design the plan to meet everyone’s needs and pass muster with the IRS. 

Our knowledge of and experience with compensation consulting means we can work with you on a variety of Executive Compensation consulting matters:

  • Qualified retirement plan design and re-design
  • Deferred compensation strategies and alternatives
  • Equity and synthetic equity compensation
  • Plan document review
  • Plan operations review
  • Fringe benefit plans
  • Board of Director compensation
  • IRC Section 409A and 457 issues

Looking for more information about how we can help? Contact our executive compensation practice leader, William G. Enck.