For quotes, inquiries, or to understand more about the DBITS contracting process, please contact Charles K. Leadbetter or Ann Marie Lynch.

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Charles K. Leadbetter

Ann Marie Lynch

State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contract Vehicle


Deliverables-Based IT Services (DBITS) Contract Number:

The Texas Department of Information Resources offers Deliverables-Based IT Services as part of its DIR Cooperative Contracts program to state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas.

BerryDunn is an approved Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts DBITS vendor. Our DBITS contract may be reviewed directly on the DIR Cooperative Contract page for BerryDunn.

The DBITS contract allows BerryDunn to provide customers with services in the following category:

Information Technology Procurement Assistance

This is a core service that BerryDunn regularly provides to state and local government agencies and higher education institutions. DBITS Contract Service Descriptions

How to do business with BerryDunn through this contract:

The Texas DBITS contract process allows agencies to avoid lengthy bid processes and solicit quotes for a fixed-price project based on a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW is developed by the state agency seeking services and is used to identify the specific services to be performed by BerryDunn to fulfill its contractual obligations for projects expected to be less than $10M. The SOW will indicate the type, level, quantity, and quality of service as well as the time constraint for the delivery of the project components.

To learn more:

For quotes, inquiries, or to understand more about the DBITS contracting process, please contact Charles K. Leadbetter at or 207.541.2249 or Ann Marie Lynch at or 207.541.2345.

Information Technology Procurement Assistance

Definition: Information Technology Procurement Assistance services may include assistance in IT Statement of Work (SOW) and/or Request for Offer (RFO) development. Procurement assistance activities may include requirements gathering, scoring criteria development, and evaluation criteria development.

Examples of included services: specification development, Statement of Work (SOW) development, and RFO development for IT products and services.

Navigating a system procurement can be complicated and challenging. Organizations greatly benefit from an experienced team to help identify the appropriate business processes and requirements for a new or modernized system. Doing it right the first time helps to avoid costly premature replacements or upgrades. Projects involving planning, acquisition and development business needs should be clearly defined so that the right support is acquired to address these needs. It is important to keep the business goals of the organization in mind while making an acquisition so that the procurement meets the strategic needs of the organization now and in the future.

For 30 years, BerryDunn’s Consulting Group has refined and formalized its procurement consulting methodology and approach to include adherence to common standards for industry best practices. Our approach has repeatedly proven to meet the ne beds of state and local agencies and higher education entities who require careful adherence to standards, policies, and mandates.

Our procurement projects begin with an analysis of your needs and available options for addressing those needs, including existing and emerging technologies. We help develop requests for proposals, system requirements, and demonstration scripts, and facilitate vendor demonstrations for you and your stakeholders. BerryDunn consultants also lead site visits, facilitate interface design sessions, and review or negotiate contracts.

Some of the procurement services provided by BerryDunn’s Consulting Group include:

  • Planning and Information Gathering
  • Requirements Definition
  • Options Analysis
  • RFP Development and Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiation