The ACA asks you to account for and track your employees in new ways.
We use sophisticated analysis tools to help you create a strategy that keeps you in compliance.

Bill Enck, CPA

Affordable Care Act "Check-Up"

Get a healthy plan of attack with our expertise

BerryDunn experts can help you take an independent look at your Affordable Care Act (ACA) exposure. We’ll perform an ACA “check-up” to review your group health plan(s) and identify potential penalties. What we’ll do for you:

  1. Determine the applicability of the various ACA provisions to your organization.
  2. Confirm your status as a Small or Large Employer under the ACA.
  3. We will consider and report on Controlled Group status or Common Control status.*
  4. Review your employer group health plan offerings for compliance with the ACA’s “affordability” and “minimum value” mandates. In doing so, we will consider integrated features such as HRAs, HSAs and FSAs, if any.
  5. Review your census in conjunction with your current group health plan, if any, and project potential ACA “play or pay” penalties, if applicable:

    Seasonal, temporary, part-time
    Measurement method review; look-back vs. monthly
  6. Provide a Summary Report to your organization, which includes:

    Summary of compliance mandates applicable to you under the ACA.
    Action plan for compliance with ACA requirements applicable to you.
    Recommendations for avoidance or mitigation of any potential play or pay penalties.
Our fee structure  

Base fee $2,000  
Additional variable pricing based on size $10/employee
(first 100)
(next 250)
(above 350)

Special services priced individually

• Affiliated Service Group analysis

• Projection of multiple “what if” scenarios

*Any issues regarding Affiliated Service Group status will be priced separately.