Decision Support Systems Lead

An expert in data warehouse architecture and analytic programming

Miles provides his clients with custom data warehouse design and development to enable them to access their own data to make accurate and informed decisions and, with sophisticated programming, helps them answer complex questions.

Miles works with clients to help them articulate and structure their requirements for access to data. He designs, programs, tests, and implements decision support systems, including processes to assure data quality. He facilitates business analysis by collaborating with clients, data scientists, and actuaries to make client data more accessible, comprehensible, and functional.

Experience Highlights:

Miles helps clients with a variety of issues including:

  • Decision-support system requirements gathering
  • Data governance and master data management
  • Data architecture and design
  • Data compilation, validation, and interpretation
  • Data collection procedures
  • Warehouse development and testing
  • End-user report development and assisting end-users with tools to access data