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BerryDunn MITA 360

BerryDunn Trademarks Service in their Medicaid Practice


To reflect their proprietary approach to assist Medicaid agencies across the country, BerryDunn has trademarked MITA 360®, their approach to assist MITA review. MITA, or Medicaid Information Technology Architecture, is a requirement for agencies to ensure compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and to ensure they receive proper reimbursement.

The trademark registration was sought out not only to signify this unique product and process, but to also underlie BerryDunn’s expertise and ongoing commitment to MITA for current and potential clients across the country, according to Laurel Arnold, of the Government Consulting Group division of BerryDunn.

“MITA 360 is a comprehensive lifecycle approach that helps states maximize the value of their State Self-Assessments. MITA 360 was born from our realization that the MITA framework can be an effective strategic planning tool providing structure and specificity to organizational innovation and transformation.

We have incorporated years of experience into developing this approach, helping clients mature their organization, increase efficiency, and enhance the effectiveness and quality of their State Medicaid programs.”

The MITA framework can help states examine how their Medicaid enterprises are currently structured, identify potential areas of improvement, and develop a common vision for future organizational growth. Translating future vision into concrete reality is never easy; however, quite possible using a proven, structured approach such as MITA 360 to optimize federal funding and help improve how states operate and deliver care to their citizens.