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Chris Ellingwood

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Save money and gain security with an information system control review

You use electronic client records, email for business transactions, and other technologies to enhance your company’s productivity. But they also carry significant risks for breaches of privacy and security. We can help you establish policies and procedures to provide reasonable assurance that your organization’s information remains private and secure. 

Ask yourself key questions about your company’s controls to help increase information security:

  • When was the last time your organization conducted a formal privacy and security assessment?
  • Do you know the federal laws and regulations with which you are required to comply?
  • Have you recently implemented a new software system or technology?
  • Does your workforce know what information must be kept confidential?
  • Are your company’s laptops and mobile devices encrypted?

We can conduct an independent assessment of IT controls, policies, and procedures to identify opportunities to improve existing practices. Our recommendations are tailored to your needs, technology environment, and industry to ensure recommendations are cost-effective and achievable.