Gain confidence that your revenue recovery approaches and reimbursement strategies are compliant and impactful

Bill Brown

Required to meet federal compliance? Have you experienced a data breach? Our consultants can help.

Our Government Assurance Practice provides government clients with information technology security services, financial compliance, and risk management services that focus on your sustainability.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of consultants offers you a wide range of services. We are a trusted advisor to many state governments, offering solutions to unique problems in the face of changing technology, security standards and federal compliance. Our past and current clients range from county and local government to state agencies and departments.

No agenda

We are client focused and vendor-neutral. We do not sell, develop, or provide staff augmentation services for software or hardware vendors or firms. This means our independence works for you, so that we can provide services and make recommendations in your best interest.

Our Government Assurance Practice focuses on: