Jonathan Grace

Our team helps you utilize technology to achieve educational goals.

Chad Snow

Helping to make technology a seamless partner in educating students

Schools face challenges of increased expectations for meeting curriculum standards and district-wide collaboration. Technology can be a catalyst in achieving these goals, but costs can be prohibitive. Establishing a comprehensive and cost effective technology approach is essential to operational efficiency.

Gain knowledge.

BerryDunn provides teachers and education professionals with years of expertise in helping to make technology a seamless partner in educating students. We prioritize efficient and effective systems, letting staff and teachers focus on what matters—the education of each and every student.

Our clients rely on BerryDunn to help them:

  • Make informed systems modernization decisions by understanding today’s ERP software marketplace
  • Set missions, visions, and goals and create a detailed roadmap to achieve them
  • Navigate systems procurement from requirements development through contract negotiation

Why BerryDunn?

Our consultants have deep knowledge of the proven planning and practices that address budget constraints and federal- and state-level mandates. We know what’s best for the planning, operations, design, IT/physical security, and budgets of high-performing schools.

Our services include:

  • Requirements definition, RFP development, and system selection
  • Strategic technology planning
  • Business process improvement