At BerryDunn, you'll work with a seasoned team of experts, gaining insight from our years of work with healthcare providers.

Clint Davies

"Our independence and objectivity means you don't have to worry about bias or conflict in our recommendations."

-Clint Davies, Principal

The landscape of healthcare is changing rapidly

There is so much more to healthcare consulting now. Evolving federal and state requirements, financial incentives, and technology all dramatically affect healthcare delivery. From audit to ICD-10 and meaningful use knowledge, BerryDunn has an unusual breadth of expertise to meet challenges throughout the health system.

BerryDunn's seasoned team of reimbursement consultants know the details of both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement that affect our rural healthcare clients. This means we bring you specialists who understand your environment — at both the state and federal levels — and help you gain control, even in challenging times.

BerryDunn management consultants and IT consultants understand what goes on behind the scenes to deliver quality healthcare. We work to proactively address the challenges and opportunities facing today’s providers. The result? Our independent perspective, experienced team, and sound project management approach lead to cost-effective solutions—and proven results, strengthening processes, optimizing resources, and using technology effectively.

Health systems have highly valuable data to protect, such as protected health information (PHI), financial performance data, or employee information. BerryDunn conducts IT security assessments, controls reviews, HIPAA compliance assessments, and other services for clients in the healthcare industry.

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"BerryDunn provided us with expert advice and guidance for our IT and compliance projects. Their ability to work effectively and collaboratively with our clinical, financial, operational, and IT teams sets them apart."

- Greg McCarthy, Vice President of Information Systems and Plan 
  Operations, Martin's Point Health Care