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Janice Latulippe, CPA

Do you know the latest changes in accounting for CECL? BerryDunn understands the issues and helps you take advantage of opportunities that drive value.

At BerryDunn, we help you find your way forward.

Our Financial Services Group gives you access to a team of CPAs, information technology experts, and business advisors who work closely with financial service companies throughout the Northeast. We share our knowledge of emerging developments in financial services accounting, audit, compliance, information technology and security, and taxation so you can be confident you’re on the right track. By combining industry knowledge with an understanding of the specifics of your business, we help you make better-informed financial decisions.

Who we help

We know financial services. Since 1974, we’ve been serving a broad spectrum of clients throughout New England and beyond. Our deep experience means you'll get practical, up-to-date advice for improving your performance.

Do you need help preparing for a FDICIA internal controls audit? Or do you need to comply with FOCUS reporting? BerryDunn can help you turn these challenges into opportunities.

BerryDunn experts will analyze the specifics of your operations and recommend proven solutions meet your unique goals, needs and preferences. You’ll gain new insight into a variety of options, whether it’s strengthening internal controls, evaluating regulatory challenges, developing tax planning strategies to help you improve profitability or growing your business and realizing your vision for the future.

Updates Available for CECL and Internal Controls

Our experts outline steps and strategies to help you comply with the new CECL guidance and COSO framework.

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Take advantage of the opportunities that drive value:

  • Navigate regulatory and financial reporting requirements
  • Improve your internal control to mitigate fraud and improve operations
  • Stay current on multi-state tax rules and filing requirements
  • Perform merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Identify the type of organization (LLC, S or C Corp) best suited for you
  • Determine executive compensation, ownership stakes, and other stock based compensation arrangements
  • Develop tax planning strategies to maximize value and minimize tax liabilities

BerryDunn’s Financial Services Group brings its specialized regulatory and financial accounting knowledge to its clients with a personal touch. With a wide breadth of talented and personable staff members, and a focus on fostering a strong relationship with clients, BerryDunn has set itself apart as a premier accounting firm in the financial services industry.

Looking for more information about how we can help? Contact our financial services industry practice leader, Janice Latulippe.