Clint Davies

BerryDunn's experts help you achieve objectives and create new opportunities.

Charlie Leadbetter, PMP

Achieve unbiased assessments of your project’s performance

BerryDunn is completely independent—we don’t sell software or hardware. We don’t develop systems. We don’t partner with any organization or vendor that does. This means you get thoroughly objective, independent advice based solely on the criteria that gives you the best solution for your particular IT need.

Is your technology helping or hindering?

Given our objectivity, our team is regularly called upon to conduct independent assessments of IT projects and initiatives. Whether it’s an assessment of an IT department’s organization or a feasibility study of your future technology needs, we help you realize the most effective implementations and establish ongoing support for your staff and infrastructure. We also assess how well existing software, infrastructure, and systems are meeting your needs and whether changes are warranted.

BerryDunn listens, looks, and assesses your unique needs

Depending on your needs, our team can use its proven methodology to assess project health related to cost, schedule, scope, risks, quality, and readiness. Our experience includes leading project health assessments and independent reviews to determine if projects are achieving their objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). The assessments can be done at a certain point in time or throughout the project lifecycle. These assessments will provide you with confidence that the project approach is sound and appropriate.