Frank O'Shea, CPA
Seth Webber, MBA, ASA, CBA, CVA

Webinar: Three Steps to a Successful Business Transition

This webinar occurred November 18, 2015 and is now available to watch on-demand.

“You typically only get one real chance to sell your business, and you want to make sure you do it right the first time.”
~Steve Wain, Chairman of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)

According to an IBBA/Pepperdine University study, “the largest mistake sellers make is unrealistic expectations, and that’s typically tied to valuations.”

Join BerryDunn’s business transition and valuation experts, Frank O’Shea and Seth Webber, as they help business owners and their advisors avoid this mistake. Learn how to set realistic, informed expectations whether you’re selling or creating a transition plan for your business.

In this webinar, our experts show you how to measure the three most important factors in planning for a successful business transition:

  • Owner/personal readiness
  • Business readiness
  • Market readiness

Gain confidence in your business transition readiness, whether it happens today or ten years down the road, and make sure you “do it right the first time.” Watch this webinar on-demand.