BerryDunn valuation experts help you fully understand your data and clarify value drivers.

Seth Webber, MBA, ASA, CBA, CVA

Need an expert to value a marital business asset? Look no further.

In marital estates, a business interest is often the largest asset. Selecting an expert who can best establish and defend the value of the business is a critical factor in getting the best result for your client.

Valuation for divorce has many intricacies, including allocating goodwill and differentiating between marital and non-marital assets.

It's important to engage experts who deliver dependable valuations with defendable results, as a business appraisal is often aggressively challenged in a divorce proceeding.

The BerryDunn Valuation Services Group has decades of experience preparing and defending business valuations before arbitrators, mediators and judges in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Our services include:

  • Identify and value marital assets
  • Provide forensic analysis and testimony, including information technology forensic investigations
  • Differentiate between marital and non-marital assets
  • Allocate between professional and personal goodwill components
  • Trace assets through personal, business, credit card, and brokerage statements
  • Prepare net worth statements
  • Undertake data forensic analysis to discover hidden assets or inappropriate expenditures of marital funds
  • Evaluation of tax consequences for both parties and recommendation of strategies to minimize taxes
  • Provide expert witness testimony in trials and arbitration
  • Assist lawyers with interrogatories and deposition preparation
  • Review reports and testimony of opposing experts

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