David Houle, CPP

Our methodology adds value built on years of experience in developing processes, tools, and templates.

Chad Snow

Get an objective look at how your business processes flow and how they can be improved

If your business processes are complicated or time-consuming, we can help you identify opportunities to streamline your practices or implement enhanced technologies. Using a comprehensive business process mapping approach developed by BerryDunn, we guide our clients through business process design, analysis, and improvement efforts—based on client needs in conjunction with system evaluations and replacement. Collaboration is central to this approach, building consensus among project stakeholders and proactively identifying opportunities and risks.

Gain a cohesive structure for implementing change with agility and efficiency

Our team has deep experience documenting “as-is” and “to-be” business processes. All documentation—narratives, process diagrams, lists of inefficiencies, redundancies, and bottlenecks—is based on our impartial, objective view of an organization, which would be more challenging to obtain with your own resources. Applying industry standards such as Lean Six Sigma and IEEE, we:

  • Involve appropriate stakeholders when and as needed
  • Work to ensure that participants understand the purpose of each meeting, their role, and how information gathered will be used
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to validate information to ensure it was captured correctly

Receive recommendations that translate into actions

Whether you are looking for efficiencies, competitive edge, adaptability, or provable efficacy, you will receive workable recommendations that will leave you well-prepared to implement business process changes in alignment with industry best practices.