Shrinking our footprint

Social Responsibility

BerryDunn employees are putting their hands and hearts to work for others.

BerryDunn's Green and Community Awareness Committee keeps us active in the community, on top of sustainability, and energized for innovation.

BerryDunn in the community

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Charitable. Responsible. Sustainable. BerryDunn employees are active volunteers and contributors in the community, giving back in ways that make sense for each individual. Many of us work with not-for-profit clients to support their missions and help make them successful in a variety of ways. Every Friday, we hold Jeans for Charity Day, focusing our giving over the course of the year to a variety of organizations doing good work in our communities--from food banks to environmental groups.

Our Green Steering Committee is leading the pack in implementing sustainability initiatives within the firm and in our communities. These practices involve a wide range of initiatives, from changing our purchasing practices to installing efficient light fixtures. BerryDunn participates in activities that lead to positive, measurable results in sustainability, including taking a Green Pledge. In order to be considered a green leader we scored 88% in the four categories of the pledge: Reduce, Reuse/Recycle, Requisition, and Responsibility.

Want to take our social responsibility survey? Click here to fill it out and learn more about what you can do.

Going green at the office

Here at BerryDunn, we recognize not only the increasing global concern over climate change and rising greenhouse gases, but also our own responsibility to do our part to mitigate firm greenhouse gas emissions. To that end, we have embarked upon a number of energy-saving measures, such as:

  • Saving Paper: Setting copiers to print double-sided as a default setting saves reams of paper and several thousand dollars per annum.
  • Saving Plastic: Shifting from plastic to metal silverware has avoided dumping over 60,000 pieces of plastic in New England landfills in just a few years.
  • Saving Energy: As part of its renovations, the Portland office has installed motion-activated lighting, as well as energy-efficient light-bulbs. In addition, all offices now use a combined printer/copier/fax/scanner, which saves on energy usage and toner.
  • Single-Stream Recycling: By working creatively with our suppliers, we have implemented single-stream recycling, which can take a variety of plastics, metals, paperboard, and paper. 
  • Shredding Responsibly: We utilize a shredding company for confidential documents that recycles the shredded remnants.
  • TerraCycle Brigades: TerraCycle is an organization which converts typical waste into marketable products, and for each item of waste a brigade contributes, TerraCycle makes a donation to a charity of our choice. BerryDunn participates in their foil-lined energy bar wrapper program, chip bag program, candy wrapper program, and their cell phone recycling program.
  • Leading the way: In our Manchester office, BerryDunn successfully lobbied for a building-wide recycling program. The new recycling service will be carried out by the building’s cleaning provider who will distribute educational materials to all floors to promote tenant-wide participation.
  • Building networks: BerryDunn is a member of the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR). NHBSR’s mission is to build and support a network of businesses committed to adopting socially responsible business practices, recognizing that people, principles and profits are inseparably linked.
  • Sharing our expertise: Jennifer Gureckis, CPA, gave a member-led workshop for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. The presentation discussed how companies can implement green business practices, featuring a business case for sustainability presented in conjunction with Bryan Sheehan of SymbioSus Sustainability Consulting. Jennifer presented on sustainability during the Chamber’s PechaKucha presentation series.

Need help?

We can work with you to help your organization understand the financial impact of bringing sustainable practices online, from simple efforts like reducing paper consumption to the tax implications of major investments in alternative energy. For more information, contact Jennifer Gureckis.

BerryDunn is made up of people who care about our communities and our environment.  We are deeply involved as leaders and innovators in the local community and in protecting the natural environment, and take a forward-thinking role in driving related initiatives.