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340B Drug Pricing Program

Mike Whitten

Administering a 340B drug discount program can be challenging. Gain confidence with the expertise of BerryDunn's 340B CPAs and specialists.

Carole Barker

Managing your 340B Drug Pricing Program is a challenge. With the inception of 340B audits, don't put your program's status at risk by being out of compliance.

It's a complex task to meet the 340B program requirements. Understanding—and acting on—the requirements in key compliance areas can be daunting. What do you need to know and demonstrate as a covered entity? How do you create processes for continuous monitoring and compliance testing without stretching beyond reason the people and other resources that you have?

340B CPAs and specialists at the ready for you

BerryDunn's auditors and consulting specialists draw on audit and accounting skills honed by years of work for hospital clients and other providers across New England as well as a direct understanding of the health care environment.  

You can benefit from the common compliance issues we see in our hospital and other covered entity clients. From Critical Access Hospitals to FQHCs, we see a wide variety of issues and best practices and can provide you with advice and guidance based on our experience. 

Get a jump on compliance with our webinar: Demystifying the 340B Drug Pricing Program

We cover the basics of this complex program and focus on how to comply by addressing key policies and procedures. Learn what to do in instances of non-compliance. >>

Need a 340B checkup?

Our 340B reviews are handled by experts who understand the history of the program, its original intent (and what that means for your compliance program) and where current regulations have it heading. You can be confident you'll get an efficient review with clearly explained information that can help you improve your processes and help keep your program out of jeopardy.